Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How loud should the MP3's be played?

A. As low as you like to be able to sleep. It is not necessary to be able to  hear the voice.

Q. When should I listen to the track?

A. At night as you go to sleep.

Q. How do I use these for best results?

A. for best results use quality ear buds as you sleep or lay down comfortably. Never use while driving or operating machinery. Always complete any accompanying material before moving onto the MP3.

Q. If I only want to use the MP3 and not complete the other material will it still work?

A. To a degree, Yes, but the strategy for each product is designed very specifically to work in tandem with all parts of the system. Completing everything is vital for a total result.

Q. Should I use subliminal's if I'm pregnant?

A. No. Although there is no evidence that a subliminal track can harm a babies development it is not advised.