Limits exist only in the mind


Our perceptions about ourselves are created when we are very young.  The self talk we use every day and the information we feed our minds unconsciously contribute to keeping us "stuck" in a place that consciously we don't desire to be in.  

Hypnosis is a state of focus that can be achieved by anyone.

Live sessions in person or via video call, hypnotic audio recordings for specific outcomes and subliminal audio's which can be used while going to sleep, ALL work to

re-train the mind to create your consciously chosen outcome. Fast, efficient and with no artificial side effects. 


Patrick Donald is a professional hypnotist with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and has trained in many other therapeutic modalities including Kinetic Shift, OldPain2Go and EMDR. 

Patrick's philosophy is based around the model that no-one is broken, we all respond to the world based on our life experience and lessons therein. Sometimes our unconscious has developed responses are out of alignment with those of our conscious desires. Hypnosis is the fastest way to clear out old unnecessary responses and create new responses to forge the life we desire. 

Who are you?

What is it that you desire to change in order to be your best?

all from home

All sessions are done via computer so you never have to leave the comfort of you home

Hypnosis or subliminal?

Direct hypnosis or a subliminal track to listen to as you go to sleep? which is better for you?


Contact us now to find out how hypnosis can help almost all aspects of your life.

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