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Free from Past Trauma Session One

Release yourself from past hurt and trauma with hypnosis.

  • 24 euros

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Be free from the emotional scars of past traumatic events that are holding you back or keeping you trapped. This online hypnosis session will begin the process of your mind moving past these blockers and into a new future in a safe, relaxing way with no un-natural side effects. This session is the first of three in this series and will begin the mind - body process of dealing with and releasing past trauma. Each session is charged separately so that subsequent sessions can be booked as you (the client) are ready. This is a group session via Zoom and requires no active participation apart from a desire for change and the ability to listen. During the session your microphone will be off but your camera will be left on for health and safety. If you so desire cameras can be left off at your discretion. Everyone joining is coming for the same reason, a desire to be free from events that are still affecting their lives. Begin your journey now. Next Session - Tuesday April 27 7pm

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