How to sleep better

Our minds are often so busy with all that has to be done in a day, then we add in the distractions of social media. Our minds are not built to constantly concentrate on so much at one time. This simple technique for helping our mind close down for sleep will amaze you in how effective it is.

First: Make a list.

List between 5 to 7 things that you completed today, no less than 5 though.

These must be things that you've completed, they can be large or small but you must write them down.


Next, briefly describe how you would like to feel in the morning.

....That's it!!


  1. Made kids lunches for tomorrow

  2. Put out garbage

  3. Organised bank loan

  4. Sent out invites for party

  5. Set alarm for tomorrow

  6. wrote out tomorrow's "To Do" list. 

  In the morning I want to feel revitalized and calm.

Its no more complicated than that and amazingly effective.